In a season where this world would say “impossible” to financial growth and to serving people and to helping people sacrificially, God says “possible” through the works of His Holy Spirit moving in and through His Church.

A few months ago, even after a year of living in a pandemic, our Church had an opportunity to partner financially with International Workers in South East Asia (SEA). We were able to invest $25,000 in the completion of a medical project critical to the mission of an entire team working among several unreached people groups in the region.

In December, our Church celebrated this gracious gift at a Sunday gathering. In that Sunday gathering, a Citylight couple felt the Lord telling them to give freely and open-handedly after hearing the announcement. In obedience and in joy, they matched the year-end donation doubling our giving to $50,000.

This additional financial gift supports the work God is doing through the SEA team so that even more people will have the opportunity to hear the Truth of Jesus Christ as:

  1. New churches are planted and gathering spaces are built
  2. Pastors are cared for and supported spiritually and emotionally through counseling
  3. Sustainable agriculture is taught to pastors, their congregations, and the local neighbors
  4. Ethnic minority churches are planted and supported
  5. Capital improvements are made on space for Gospel messengers from all over the region to find rest and refuge as they travel
  6. The medical center receives additional funds which allows them to serve more people

In response to this incredible news, Robin Laney, Citylight Missions Director, exclaimed, “The Kingdom of God cannot be squelched. His plans and mission are not thwarted by human or worldly mess.”

In the midst of hardship, separation, confusion and death, hope continues to emerge victoriously. God moves and grows His Kingdom regardless of what occurs in this world. His mission he accomplishes every day. He never loses. He is never swayed. And you, His people, are a part of His mission. His Holy Spirit moves in and through His people so that all the nations will rejoice and be glad and worship King Jesus!

All glory to God!

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