If you have ever taken a young person under your wing and loved them, hung out with them, and shared life with them, you know that you have made an impact in their life. Most people understand that young people need an older, wiser, more mature adult to walk alongside them for guidance and encouragement. A Citylight mentor is a caring adult who intentionally spends time with a student and invests in their life to help them become the person God created them to be. Would you like to know more about mentoring with Citylight? Please fill out the Things to Consider form. After you fill out the Things to Consider form, a staff member will reach out to you with next steps.
Things to Consider Form

What’s different about Citylight Mentoring?

  • Faith-based – Our mentors will be more than simply a friend. When a mentor shares the gospel of Jesus Christ, mentoring can have eternal impact.
  • Volunteer-Friendly – We understand that a person’s life can be full of church commitments, work demands, family time, and other important things. We ask for mentors to meet with their students twice a month, or more if possible. Ideally, mentors will bring their mentees to our weekly worship gathering on Sunday mornings and help them become more connected to our church family. Citylight students are already receiving weekly instruction in our Wednesday Club and Student Ministries so we are adding a more intentional discipleship component to these existing ministries for vulnerable students.
  • Strengths Development – At Citylight, our approach to mentoring is to look beyond the negative influences that often surround students. To do this, we turn the student’s attention to their God-given gifts and talents through interest-based activities and the hope we have in the gospel.

Citylight Mentoring Mission Statement
To make disciples of youth by developing relationships with caring adults who will love unconditionally and point them to Jesus.

Citylight Mentoring Three-Fold Vision

  1. For mentors to invest in students and develop life-changing relationships.
  2. To empower students to pursue their interests, education, and career dreams.
  3. To see students’ strengths used to impact their community.

To see students grow up and walk in the way of the Lord gives us so much joy! We hope that you will experience this same joy as you and your mentee work to build strong and vibrant communities. The world continually tells our students that their future has no hope. We believe that God has created them for something greater.