Citylight Students

Summer Calendars

Citylight Students exists to multiply disciples and churches by equipping students and families to be lifelong followers of Jesus. We are one student ministry that meets in two locations with the following rhythms:

Citylight Students (CLS) exists to multiply disciples through helping families meet, imitate, and share Jesus to equip the saints for the work of ministry and the building up of the body. We are one student ministry that meets in two locations with the following rhythms:


We will point to the Gospel at every opportunity and it will always be the main point of any teaching. We will be vulnerable with our own stories so that students understand that the Gospel is relevant to the lives of adults they have relationships with. We will pray faithfully for children to come to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for them once for all.


We believe that the word of God makes disciples, because its central message is the gospel. Therefore, we are committed to gathering weekly to have fun, sing, eat a meal together, and to hear the gospel preached so that students can be encouraged and equipped to make disciples.

City Groups

We want our City Groups to mirror the church’s City Groups for the specific purpose of reaching the network of Middle and High School campuses in the metro area.


Small, gender-specific, discipleship groups who meet weekly with the goal of multiplying disciples through encouragement and accountability to help students not only have spiritual depth in their knowledge but also to help them mature in obedience to God’s Word. These groups are made up of 3 - 4 students along with a leader.

Student Ministry Team

Tyler Brown
Midtown Youth Pastor

Mike Johnson
Middle School Director

Kedra Prescott
Midtown Students Director

Maclae Jensen
West Students Intern

Support Maclae

Thaddaeus Ristow
West Students Intern

Support Thadd

Anna Schriner
Midtown Students Intern

Support Anna

Makenna Woods
Midtown Students Intern

Support Makenna

Meet: (Weekly)

We meet to see students begin a relationship with Christ and meet together as a group weekly for a time of singing, preaching, small groups, and stories of how God is moving in this generation. In our small groups, students will discuss the sermon and how they can put it into practice.

Mature: (Daily)

Our hope is to see students mature in Christ as they meet with Him daily and make disciples by participating on mission here and around the world. We desire for them to be equipped to read, understand, apply, and obey the Word of God in their lives. We want students to be involved in huddles in their schools or friend groups for accountability, to stay focused on following Christ, and set a pattern to be life long followers of Jesus.

Summer Calendars

This summer it is our hope to provide space and time for students to have both fellowship and fun. We hope that through these events a foundation will be formed and built on going into this next school year. Mark your calendars with these dates! Please don’t let finances or transportation stop your student from being involved.

West | Middle School

  • 6th Grade Introduction Night
    6.1 | Bristol's House
  • The Mark
    6.15 | 5:30 - 7 PM | 20902 Cumberland Dr, Elkhorn, NE 68022
  • Night at the Bristol's
    6.29 | Bristol's House
  • Summer Games
    7.13 | West location Green Space
  • End of Summer Party!
    7.27 | West location

West | High School

  • S'mores Night
    6.8 | 5:30 - 7 PM | West location Green Space
  • The Mark
    6.22 | 20902 Cumberland Dr, Elkhorn, NE 68022
  • Food Court Hangout
    7.6 | Flagship Commons
  • Summer Games @ the Park
    7.20 | West location Green Space
  • End of Summer Party!
    7.27 | West location

Midtown | All Students

  • Board Game Mondays
    Mondays | 1 - 3 PM | Citylight Midtown Offices
  • Kickball
    Wednesdays | 6:30 - 8 PM| Walnut Hill Elementary
  • Thrashin’ Thursdays (Fishing)
    Thursdays | 3 - 5 PM | Benson Park
  • CLS City Groups
    Thursdays | 6 - 7:30 PM | Miller Household
  • Weekend Workouts
    Saturdays | 10 - 11:30 AM | Citylight Midtown Garage