Some who are new to Citylight might not know about a group called “No Shame” that meets at the West location on Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8 PM in-person and via zoom. No Shame is a Care Group within Citylight that promotes mental health by focusing on developing a healthy spirit, mind, and body, as well as healthy relationships. No Shame is for anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, mental illness, suicidal ideation, or just a difficult season in life. This community of hope has also become a place of support for loved ones who are trying to assist a family member that is battling with mental illness or family members left behind after a suicide.

One of the leaders of No Shame, Larry Derksen, says honestly that “No Shame (the group) was birthed out of pain.” Leadership consists of individuals who have lost loved ones to suicide, struggled with mental illness, and overcomers who are trusting God to redeem their pain as they come alongside others who are struggling and help them navigate their way toward mental and overall health. Leadership contains a wealth of personal experience that can provide accountability, practical tools, support, and discipleship toward their ultimate goal as a group of better mental health and intimacy with Jesus.

Larry notes, “One of the most amazing experiences at No Shame is how quickly intimacy has developed amongst our members and to hear an individual who has felt so alone in their struggles finally feel seen and understood.” Additionally, Larry is frequently impressed by the way groups members rally around the hurting, because they have walked a mile in their shoes and remember the pain. He says the power of not having to walk alone during a difficult season and to have a family of believers pressing into you and helping you press into God, cannot be underestimated. People are being reconnected to themselves, to others, to hope, and to Christ their Redeemer.

The Leadership of No Shame and the Care Ministry at Citylight desire to see this ministry flourish. We realize mental illness is a frequent and common struggle, even within the church, but tragically it is often hidden by those struggling due to fear of being rejected and the accompanying shame. This past year has left more people wrestling with mental illness, and we want Citylight to be known as a safe place for all who are suffering, and to embody the invite of Jesus to “Come, all who are weary.” We are so thankful for No Shame’s presence in this regard.

If you are struggling with mental illness or love someone who is, and you’d like to get involved with No Shame, you can contact their leadership at and they would be honored to help get you connected.

We also desire to see a No Shame group at our Midtown campus and are praying for more leaders. If you are interested in helping to facilitate one of these Care Groups, please contact Director of Care – Ben Hamilton at

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