"A couple weeks ago we asked Judah who attends the 3 year old class at Citylight Kids what he had learned in Sunday school and he responds with his classic enthusiastic “Jesus!” followed with, “Jesus walks” and then cheers “Yay”. Our son has Down syndrome and has pretty limited verbal communication so lots of follow up questions are always needed with Jude.

Okay, so I’m thinking there is a lot of the New Testament that involves walking so I’m sure you are right…hmm. Maybe Jesus walking on water? But, Jude is adamant there is no water. As I start to look for his coloring sheet for context Jude then raises both hands over his head and waves his hands furiously and says “trees ho-So-ho”. After some adamant waving I got it...Palm Sunday. “Hosanna?” I ask Jude. “Yes, Hosanna” he responds crystal clear, so happy to be understood.

We have been talking a lot in our home about how Jesus has many roles or jobs (friend, healer, Savior, ect.) - so I asked Jude what his Jesus job was in this story and he signs King. Yes, sweet boy, Jesus is King.

To some our son probably looks like he’s not the most fully engaged in Sunday's classes but happily sitting and coloring or taking off his shoes but, we’d like you to know that the Lord is using you to write His story on Judah’s heart. So, thank you Citylight Kids for breaking down the Gospel into bite size pieces so that everyone can understand that Jesus is King." - Michaela Pfeiffer

The Kids Ministry team is looking for people who'd like to offer individual support to kids with special needs in our CLK classrooms on Sunday mornings! If you are interested in serving as a "buddy" for one or two kids in a classroom, or would like to know more, please email Steph at stephanie@citylightomaha.org.

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