The Aim

The Great Commission Fund (GCF) is the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s funding mechanism for our more than 700 missionaries sent to the least reached people groups of the world. On average, each missionary family needs an annual funding of $40,000 a year. The Great Commission Fund is responsible for the work of countless C&MA missionaries over the past 120 years and currently is what enables our 700+ International Workers to continue their ministries abroad without the continual work of raising their own financial support.

The Need

The Great Commission Fund has and continues to provide for ministries to over 85 different people groups, many of whom are unreached. An unreached people group is one in which less than 2% of the people in that ethnicity know Jesus. According to Joshua Project, there are 7,076 unreached people groups. That’s 40% of the world’s population, which means 3,131,274,000 sons or daughters have never heard about the name of Jesus. This is a devastating reality and one that the Great Commission Fund is striving to correct.

The Distribution

The GCF’s $13,659,000 annual budget is primarily allotted to international ministry. This 66% encompasses the living expenses of 700+ international church planters, relief ministries (like in Guinea where they were fighting Ebola), and discipleship training for new and growing ethnic church leaders. GCF intentionally places the majority of its income the fight the alarming statistic about unreached people groups.

The Mission Partner

One international ministry that we are partnering with is in Cambodia, a country where less than 2% of the people know Jesus personally.

For 23 years, Dave and Chris Manfred have ministered in Phnom Penh (the capital) and they have been able to see God grow the number of Alliance churches from 50 to 220. As experienced missionaries, Dave and Chris now minister as leaders for the missions team in Phnom Penh.

Similarly cultured, Jeff and Heather Williams have adopted Cambodian culture as their own. The Williams have been involved in Cambodian ministry since their college years and have only become more so in the decades that have followed. The Williams work in the Urban Ministry Training Center where they train up indigenous church leaders to reach other Cambodians.

Most recently, Caitlin Kerr is joining the team. As someone who felt the call to Cambodia missions at a young age, Caitlin, following college, began a two-year apprenticeship and is now about to return to Cambodia to start her long-term ministry. God is growing the Church in Cambodia and using these beautiful people we know to accomplish His work. The Great Commission Fund is one way each of us can be involved.

The Givers

The Great Commission Fund is made possible by the willing gifts of C&MA churches and their members. These gifts are one way through which people living in the states can be intentionally involved in the ministry to the least reached people groups. This gift not only blesses the people groups and missionaries, but also the giver. There is no greater gift than to be involved in the work of God.

The Call

In His final instructions, Jesus said: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” When asked by his disciples when he would return, Jesus answers, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” We, as followers of Jesus, are commissioned and we have been given an incentive! The Great Commission Fund is the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s intentional response to this command of God and we run this race with a sense of urgency, not only to hasten Jesus’ return but to offer eternal hope to a lost and dying world. God has a global heart, and yet, 40% of the globe is still unaware of it. Let us be a people and a church body that passionately and obediently pursues this heart of God.

How you can get involved

Pray for our Citylight Omaha missionaries.
Give to GCF online at the C&MA's secure site.
Learn more about the GCF in 2018 from CMA President John Stumbo.

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