Love God. Love People. Spirit Led. The vision of Calvary La Esperanza in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is simple, their impact is profound. Recently, I got to spend thirteen months serving alongside this church and seeing firsthand what Jesus is doing in their midst. He is redeeming the stories of drug addicts, revealing the Gospel to the religious, and building a solid foundation for children. In less than six years, the church has grown from five people to over two-hundred and they’ve multiplied churches to reach a new part of Guatemala called Panajachel! I can say without a doubt that Jesus is building His church through this ministry. Let’s celebrate the work Jesus is doing in their midst!

This summer, a team of fourteen people from CitylightU is going to come alongside this ministry for ten days from May 31 – June 9. We are so excited to see all the Lord will do! Because our CitylightU team is made up of college-age students, we will focus our ministry in Guatemala primarily on young adults. The church has a young adult ministry called Ignite, which I had the blessing of helping start and is now thriving. We’re going to bring some CityLIGHT love to the young adults of IGNITE and pray that the Lord would SHINE so brightly in Quetzaltenango as we stand hand-in-hand! Not only will we get to worship alongside Ignite at their Friday night gathering, we’ll also spend the next day serving other young adults in the city alongside the young adults of Ignite. I’m praying God would use that Friday night and Saturday to develop relationships between our team and theirs that last far beyond our ten days in the country. We’re not going to Guatemala to be “heroes”, but rather to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ as we point all we come into contact with to the true Hero, Jesus Christ.

Would you join us in prayer for this trip?

  • That our team would be unified, and the Holy Spirit would give us courage and boldness, driven by our love for Him.
  • That the Holy Spirit would open the hearts of those we come into contact with to receive the Good News of Jesus.
  • That lasting friendships would be developed between our team and the believers in Guatemala.
  • That the Lord would continue to bless, unify, and use Calvary La Esperanza to multiply disciples and churches in Guatemala and beyond.

Would you join us financially on this trip?

  • Place a check (made out to Citylight Omaha) or cash in the giving box, note Guatemala Mission on the memo line preferencing a specific team member, if desired.
  • Send a check (made out to Citylight Omaha) and note your preferred trip name and/or team member’s name (if applicable), to:
        Citylight Church

        c/o Missions Coordinator

        4383 Nicholas Street, Ste. 120

        Omaha, NE 68131.
  • Give online at Network for Good. Be sure to designate your giving for Guatemala in the Special Purpose Donation box (3rd box from the top.)

If you have any questions about the trip or would like to hear more about what the Lord is doing in Guatemala, please contact Jacob Richardson at

Until the whole world hears,

Jacob Richardson
Citylight U Intern

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