Summer is a great time to dig into books with neighbors! We want to encourage you to grab a few friends and start a book club! A book club is a great opportunity to deep connection with your neighbors or to work through some ideas with your friends. Feel free to follow the format below if you want to get started. We hope you enjoy it!

2023 Book Club List

Pick one of these or pick a different one!

  1. Spiritual Formation: Mason King, A Short Guide to Spiritual Disciplines
  2. Fiction: Wendell Berry, Jayber Crow
  3. With your neighbor: Jonathan Haidt, The Coddling of the American Mind
  4. On being a neighbor: Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, The Gospel Comes with a House Key
  5. Beginner Theology: Sam Allberry, What God Has to Say about Our Bodies: How the Gospel Is Good News for Our Physical Selves
  6. Practical Theology: Timothy Keller, Forgive
  7. Advanced Theology: Christopher Watkin, Biblical Critical Theory
  8. Suffering: Kelly Kapic, Embodied Hope: A Theological Meditation on Pain and Suffering
  9. Race: George Yancey, Beyond Racial Division
  10. Culture and the Arts: Makoto Fujimura, Culture Care


Rules for Book Club

Follow these rules, or don't! That's fine!

  1. We don’t talk about the book outside of Book Club (save your opinions)
  2. Only 4-6 people in the Book Club
  3. The meeting happens only when everyone has read the entire book
  4. At the meeting one person selects three options for books, the rest of us vote to choose
  5. The person who selects the options hosts the meeting (with food and drink)
  6. Read things you disagree with, and read charitably (it’s ok to disagree with the book and with each other; listen to understand)
  7. Read the whole book and be prepared to give your rating (1-5) with reasons
  8. Let the conversation get personal and practical; build each other up with your conversation

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