I am a proud parent of two awesome young kids and one of the questions my wife and I are wrestling with is; “What educational environment is right for our children?” I am guessing, I am not alone in asking this question, so I wanted to provide an opportunity for parents to evaluate the educational options that are available in our city.

I believe this matters. As I look at the bible, I see that it’s the parents primary responsibility to be disciple makers of our kids. The bible tells us to talk to our kids about Jesus, to teach our kids about Jesus, to impress upon them the values and truths of scripture and to train them in the instruction of the Lord. As a parent I am realizing that I will get a few hours with my children every day, while those I entrust with their education will get up to eight hours with them. This is time that will impact the way they see the world, teach them skills they will need to one day provide for themselves, and create a value system. That’s why I think we, as parents, must be willing to prayerfully and wisely investigate different educational environments that will impact our children.

As I have been sitting down with different educational leaders across the metro area. I have discovered there are some amazing, talented, competant, and Godly people in the public schools, private christian schools and the home school networks. During this process I’ve been blown away by how God has placed some very sharp and qualified people in each of these educational arenas.

Thus, I’m inviting you to meet some of them. Monday, July 13th Citylight will be hosting leaders within the education system, from 6:30-7:30pm. The event will be held at Citylight Chapel (1023 N. 40th St.). We will hear from the director of Lifegate Christian, Omaha Christian Academy, Cornerstone Christian and a leader from the Homeschool network, Classical Conversations. Each school will have an opportunity to share the programs they offer, how they view their role in a child’s education and give space to answer your questions. I would love to see you join us this Monday!

Lastly, I realize that many people are very passionate about this topic, so please let me clarify what I am saying and what I am not. I am not saying that an education from a private school is superior than the education in a public school. I am not saying that you’re a JV parent if you chose one option over the other. As a pastoral team at Citylight, we have people who have chosen public schools, some that have chosen home school options and some that may choose private, Christian based schools. I am not advocating for one means of education, but I am inviting parents to investigate the educational options and environments that are available. The decision matters, and my heart is simply to help create space for families to ask questions and get information.


Thanks- I look forward to seeing you Monday!

Chris Hruska
Citylight Church


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