There are not many good answers for life’s circumstances found in the world. Instead, there is injustice and suffering and death. There is also anxiety, hurt, and brokenness. Early in her life, Dana Hinman found that the Bible gives answers for any circumstance and for any worldview out there, especially with the hurt. The Word of God is extremely grounding and offers truth. Dana recalls events and people in her life that were difficult or challenging. It was in these experiences that made her take a long hard look at herself and consider what she believes in and contemplate the will of God.

“I didn’t have many answers,” Dana said about growing up. “I was trying to figure out what is truth, what is my fault, what is not my fault. At a young age, I gave my life to Jesus and I wanted to know what God had to say. I was sick of being guilt ridden and not knowing where to go and I hated being manipulated. People will manipulate you and if you don’t have agency over your life, you are serving man instead of God.”

What finally compelled Dana into action was a coworker who was also a Christian. He didn’t attend church or was serious about his faith in God but asked Dana what she believed in and why. After a few questions, Dana could not give an answer to why she believed what she believed.

“I felt pathetic on the inside,” Dana shared as she recalled that pivotal point years ago. “Here I’m supposed to be a Christian and this is the biggest part of my life, and I couldn’t even give someone that agreed with me the why.”

From that moment on and to this day, Dana has taken the time to discover and research knowledge, studying truth, waying pros and cons of popular arguments and the impact of ideas. She likes to learn how ideas work out or don’t work out in real life or in some cases, work out badly. Even now, as a busy mother of two young girls helping disciple a family with her husband, Dana sets time to grow and serve the church.

“I have really enjoyed talking about ideas and culture with the middle school girls,” Dana shared. “Seeing what they must face, it makes me remember that time in my life. A lot happened to me in middle school. I had a health and family crisis during that time in my life. That’s when I made my faith in Jesus my own. I remember you can completely feel intimidated trying to understand life and world views. My faith in Jesus Christ was a real grounding force then. I literally had to hold on to that when I was younger. I wanted stability and a healthy life. I knew God was the only way to do that. I held on to the truth of Jesus Christ. I knew I was going to get out.”

As a busy mother, Dana enables her kids to hold to Truth as well. She teaches them about Jesus and God’s Word. She shows them how to fear God and not man.

“I want them to know you don’t have to be afraid to have differing opinions,” Dana said. “As I have grown, I have realized the authority of the Bible is so special. It is so simple in some ways and is a great grounding factor. The Bible’s commands for daily life are simple and God intends for us to be able to clearly discern and know His word without ambiguity.”

Dana struggled with anxiety before grounding herself in God’s Truth. She still has bouts but not to the point when she was unequipped. Dana shares how she stays on guard for when trials may come.

“I get equipped with the bible and bible studies, with podcasts, listening to books, and talking to wise people. I call it “My mental exercise for the day.” Even as a stay-at-home mom to young kids you can find the time to exercise your mind. Sometimes it’s making the time in between nap times or when the girls are playing independently. In the car it’s noise canceling earphones during ‘quiet time.” You must get clever. Parenting reveals how truly selfish you are, how immature or how angry you can get with circumstances or with others, or just “chippy.” Every parent goes through that and being a stay at home makes you look at it dead in the face. It’s an opportunity to repent to God and ask for forgiveness from the kids.”

God continues to give abundantly to Dana. Ever since turning and submitting to the Truth, Dana can walk in life with confidence in faith. She is protected and is given freedom from life’s circumstances, experiences and equipped for sharing God’s Truth to the world and to herself.

“I would just say to anyone to know who you are submitting to and act in faith in God. It is in your relationship with Him that defines who you are. Remember that different opinions are good, but you can’t let people’s opinions define you or your circumstance. On judgment day, what you believe in God and how you live as a Christian defines you. And if you have questions or if you are confused, the Bible is a fount of truth. Everything makes more sense when you follow Jesus.”

Dana concludes with this:

“There’s that passage in John 6 where Jesus says to the disciples after many walked away “Do you want to go away as well?” and Peter says “Lord, to whom shall we go? Your words have eternal life.” Well, for me, there is nowhere else to go and I can rest in that.”

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