Citylight, this is the week where we celebrate that Jesus is not a dead historic figure but a living and active God who still has the power to change and transform lives! Jesus has risen and is personally at work in our lives! The scriptures are saturated with people who had life-changing interactions with Jesus and were supernaturally set free, healed, made alive and filled with joy, purpose and eternal life! And our church is filled with people who have experienced that same Jesus! In a world that is asking, is God real and could He do a work in my life? We want to speak into that! We want to encourage you to share how Jesus has powerfully and personally worked in you!

What if this week, as your neighbors, friends, and lost family members where at home scrolling social media they got to hear your story and learn about the God who sought, saved, and has been sustaining you right now? What if this week the gospel was shared by people in the church and not just the pastor of the church? I believe this season could be one of the most fruitful seasons of evangelism, conversion and life-change in recent church history. People are asking real questions and we have the answer- Jesus! He can bring joy, peace, forgiveness, freedom, hope, and perspective even in our current COVID-19 crisis.

Citylight would you join us in sharing your story? Here is how it works:

  1. Create a 1 to 2-minute video of yourself sharing your testimony of how Jesus has changed your life.
  2. Post it on social media this week using the hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife and tagging Citylight.
  3. Pray for God to use your video - and thousands of others - to make the good news of Jesus known this Easter!

If you are wondering how to tell your story, here are a few quick questions to ask yourself to help you process sharing:

  1. What was my life like before Jesus? What did I live for? Who or what was my functional God? How did I view Jesus? Was I more bent towards rebellion or self-righteousness?
  2. How did I meet Jesus? What circumstances or people did God use to help me see my need for Jesus? What did I find attractive, compelling, or beautiful about Jesus and the gospel?
  3. What has life been like following Jesus? How has God done a work in me? What lies have been replaced, purpose discovered, peace found, love injected, shame lifted? What’s changed and why is life with Jesus better!

In your story be sure to make Jesus the hero. Your church, pastor, or Godly parents may have been a gift to you, but salvation and true life change is only possible because of what Jesus has done. Also, understand all of our stories are in process. You don't have to have it all together to brag on Jesus. You may still be battling sin, anxiety, and other struggles. That doesn't disqualify you from all the more celebrating that Jesus has changed you and is empowering you to fight sin and walk in new freedoms. Below is a video I recorded with Citylight Church-planting Resident, Roy Helu:

Lastly, there is NO boring story of salvation! Every story is a miracle and evidence of God’s continued work in our lives. If you came to know Jesus at a young age and have been a part of a local church most of your life and have been free from major seasons of rebellion, don't minimize that story. Praise God that He’s kept you from darkness and at the same time brag on how God has provided for you, sustained you, and protected you.

Citylight, I want to issue one last challenge and invitation, let's care more about helping people see Jesus and less about what they think of us. Some of you may be worried about what members of your family or friend group will think of you. Let me encourage you to pray about this, take your fears of man to God and invite Him to help you walk out your faith with courage and boldness. God loves you and His view is secure. You are His and He is yours. Let's invite people to see how Jesus has done a great, powerful, and personal work in our lives!

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