This month I invited a friend from City Group to go out and deliver pantries. It had been awhile since I had gone out myself and I am SO glad I did! First of all, we just had the best time together riding around different neighborhoods and sharing life, but most of all it brought me close to the families we have the privilege to serve in this unique season. I was struck by the diversity of families on my short list--elderly folks who are isolated, refugee families, working class families and single moms.

The last person on our list was an elderly man who began rattling off a list of infirmities he is experiencing when I asked how his day was going. After we had carried his groceries to his front porch I felt prompted to ask if we could pray with him. He said, "Yes!" and reached out his hands for us to hold. In my heart I silently prayed, "Please, Lord, don't let us give this man COVID. He has so many underlying conditions that it would not be good for him!" But once I relaxed and recognized that his need for human touch far outweighed the risk of passing along the virus, I was able to allow the Holy Spirit to guide my words and cry out to God on his behalf. When we all looked up he had tears streaming down his face. As we drove away I wondered when was the last time someone prayed aloud for this man. He was so deeply touched, and so were we.

"Man does not live by bread alone", but the bread is what is allowing us to bring human connection and spiritual support to the families who reach out to us. Jesus used this approach several times as the gospel writers recorded him feeding the 5000 and the 4000. I wish I could miraculously watch food multiply, but in a sense I do get to see that every month. It happens through your generous donations as they trickle in and fill our empty shelves.

If you want to join our delivery team this week, you can serve on Friday or Saturday October 16th or 17th. Sign up at


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