"I have personally learned that God honors those who show up and who spend time with Him. Even on the days I didn't feel like coming or studying or talking to Him, when I chose to go any way, He grew me in maturity, peace, joy, and love. When I come and ask for His help and surrender to Him, He shows up in ways I didn't expect. He changes my heart when I come. Even on the days where I think I am not capable of getting anything out of the study or discussion and it feels like I just show up for the coffee, He gives me more and He always shows up.

I am just so encouraged that we are doing a study with our local Body of Christ. The people I see every Sunday, I want to see throughout the week to grow in community. I think when we talk about the Word in community we grow in powerful ways. I don't have to have all the answers nor memorize all the scripture, but I am growing in my relationship with God and with friends. I would love it if all the women at Citylight could attend. It's so welcoming. I am thankful." - Alexandra Stoltenberg

Register for the 2 Samuel study launching in January:

Women’s Evening Bible Study
Tuesdays, 1.17 - 3.28 | 7 - 8:30 PM | Midtown
Register at citylightomaha.org/wbs-pm

Women’s Morning Bible Study
Wednesdays, 1.18 - 3.29 | 9:30 - 11 AM | West
Register at citylightomaha.org/wbs-am


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