Meet the team who leads the college ministry at Citylight:

Mirrya Anderson

Salt Co Director

"I love Salt Co because I’ve seen the Lord use college ministry change the eternal trajectory of a person’s life. College students, including me at one point in time, are longing for significance, purpose and belonging. These longings can only be met in the person and work of Jesus! He used college ministry to change my life, my husband’s life, my friends lives - and I am humbled that I can play a small part in helping current college students know what it means to follow Jesus and how worthy he is of their lives."

Travis Eller

Salt Co Director

"I love Salt Co because it is the best blend of collegiate ministry and the local church. We are focused on reaching the campus and plugging students into the local church! Following Jesus means everything to me - He is Lord and Savior of my life and following Him truly brings me joy and meaning! I heard and believed the Gospel as a freshmen in college through a campus ministry. Being on staff with Salt Co means I now get to regularly proclaim the hope of Jesus to college students whom I was once like - lost in my sin without the hope of Christ!"

Kaela Arant

Salt Co Intern

"I love Salt Co because God has used it in my life and in the lives of students in Omaha to save and sanctify us! I love Jesus because He saved and gave me new life when I was an enemy of God! I started attending Salt Co my freshman year and learned the importance of community and the cross."

Briar Cochran

Salt Co Intern

"I love Salt Co because it reaches the next generation with the Good News of Jesus who is the greatest thing an person we can give our lives to. That's the heartbeat of Salt Company! I love Jesus because I used to be a sinner that had no way to undue the wrongs I had written. But through the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, I can walk free of shame and guilt and sin and eternal death. The Lord used Salt Co as a part of my story when I walked on Iowa State’s campus, far from Jesus, and I bumped into Salt Company. Through a few months of being pursued by their leaders, the Lord saved me and my life was changed forever."

Vanessa Eller

Salt Co Intern

"I love Salt Co because it is a place where I’ve seen college students come to know, love and follow Jesus. Jesus is better than anything or anyone. Salt Co gave me a community of believers who showed me how to follow Jesus and how the Gospel changes life."

Kaylee Ohlin

Salt Co Intern

"I love our Salt Co students! I have been blown away by the authentic and intentional community in Salt Co. Our students are actually pursuing the Lord, turning from sin, and loving each other well! I love Jesus because of who He is and what He’s done for me. He is the God who pursues me faithfully despite my sin, who gave everything just so He could be with me, and calls me into deeper purpose with Him! God used two college ministries to show me what it actually means to follow Him. I was new to living fully for God and I needed guidance in how to read the bible, how to turn from sin, or how to be in community."

Daniel Reed

Salt Co Intern

"I love Salt Co because God is using the ministry to bring an often missed demographic (college students) into the church and faith. I love Jesus because of His mercy and grace for sinners like me. God used Salt Co to show me that even as a college student I could serve the local church and make disciples on my campus."

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