The Citylight Church Internship and Residencies are two-year leadership development programs that exist to equip and empower the next generation of gospel-centered leaders to multiply disciples and churches. We believe that the Internship and Residency program is a pipeline for future pastors, church planters, church leaders, elders, and missionaries, in the local church.

The Process

HEAD | Theology
Interns and Residents will be educated on the core Christian beliefs in order to strengthen theology, deepen love for Jesus, and equip for the work of ministry. The two-year development program is broken into six segments that focus on theology, spiritual health, ecclesiology, spiritual formation, biblical community, and missiology. Each segment has weekly reading assignments, lectures, and group discussion to develop theological understanding and practice in the context of community.

HEART | Character
As interns and residents grow in theology, Citylight desires to develop character as well. This happens through coaching and guidance from pastoral staff and directors, mentorship within the church and community, and accountability with other interns and residents.

HANDS | Ministry Skills
A key part of Citylight's Internship and Residency Program is the opportunity for real ministry practice. During an intern or resident's time in the program, they will be given opportunities to lead, grow, and develop skills in a variety of ministry areas while under the supervision and guidance of a director.

The Distinctions

INTERNSHIP | Internships are designed for those who desire to explore a possible calling to vocational ministry, but lack full-time ministry experience. Interns require greater training and oversight to develop competencies in areas such as teaching, worship, discipleship, and leadership. Interns will be given hands-on experience, equipping, discipleship, and theological development throughout their two year commitment as they explore the different areas of ministry to discover passions, gifting and calling.

RESIDENCY | Residencies are for those who have full-time ministry experience or education and have competencies in some ministry areas such as teaching, worship, leadership, or discipleship. Residents will continue to develop these skills and as they develop competencies and are given greater responsibility and leadership throughout their two year commitment.

The Funding

WHY SUPPORT RAISING? | Support raising is a biblical way for ministry workers to be compensated and for others to invest in the Kingdom of Christ. Support raising helps interns exercise faith and dependence on Christ while experiencing His faithfulness. It also provides and opportunity to invite ministry partners to practice obedience and step into a missional partnership. Biblical references: 2 Corinthians 8-9, Numbers 18:21-24, 1 Chronicles 29:1-20, Matthew 10:5-15, 1 Kings 17:1-16.

INTERNS | Raise 100% of salary at $2,500/month
- Receive the same health care benefits as full-time staff
- Opportunity for seminary education with 80% of tuition covered

RESIDENTS | Raise 87.5% of salary at $3,500/month ($500 stipend)
- Receive the same health care benefits as full-time staff
- Opportunity for seminary education 80% of tuition covered