Short -Term Global Engagement Trips:

Engage the Global Mission of God and forever be changed. Join our short-term Global Engagement Trips to serve alongside our long-term global partners in the work God is doing in their context. Each trip is marked by 3 components:


We first and foremost come with the posture to learn and discover. On these trips, you will witness the Mission of God: how Jesus is faithfully moving across all cultural barriers to redeem the experienced brokenness of every host culture. Through partnership with our long-term partners, you will also discover the conviction, the cost, and the commitment of long-term missions.


We come with the posture ready to serve, no matter the task. Whether through work projects or relational ministry, our desire is to be a blessing to the host culture, to our global partners and their team, and to one another, embodying the posture of Jesus through our selfless love and our willing service.


With these two postures, we finally ENGAGE. We intentionally use the word, “ENGAGE” to emphasize the fact that on these trips, you are stepping into a global movement that God has already put into motion. Thus, we join with Jesus, asking Him to use all of us - our words and deeds - to further the mission He has called our global partners to. Finally, our desire is that when we come home, we continue to ENGAGE in God’s Mission unfolding all around us and across the globe.

When: July 2-11, 2023
Team Size: 6-15 (Age Limit: 11th Grade +)
Application Due: December 12

Join a collaboration of ENVISION and our global partners (GEM) in Berlin, Germany as they seek to engage a post-Christian culture with the transforming power of Jesus!

  • DISCOVER what God’s calling to long-term mission looks like, as you join a collaboration of ENVISION and our global partners who serve with GEM, to engage the post-Christian culture of Berlin.
  • SERVE alongside our partners in various, relational projects to bless the refugee, the vulnerable, and/or the artist and creatives of Berlin.
  • ENGAGE the relational ministry of God’s Mission required to enter the depths of Berlin culture with the transforming power of Jesus.

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When: June 24 - July 1, 2023
Team Size: 25 (Age Limit: 11th Grade +)
Application Due: December 12

  • DISCOVER God’s long-term missional calling of the Laneys as you join with them in serving the youth of City of Refuge.
  • SERVE through various work projects to sustainably meet the needs of City of Refuge involving living conditions, food quality, and water supply.
  • ENGAGE the ministry of restoration and presence as you serve and build relationships with the youth of City of Refuge, giving a taste of the Kingdom of God, the hope, love, and peace found in Jesus Christ.

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When: July 15 - 22, 2023
Team Size: 20 (Age Limit: High School)
Application Due: December 12

  • DISCOVER God’s long-term missional calling of Dave and Robin Laney as you join with them in loving the youth of City of Refuge.
  • SERVE by providing a chance for the youth to experience the fun, love, and hope found in Jesus through VBS and our annual Blue Mountain Bowl (Flag-Football Tournament), a tradition started by Dave and Robin themselves!
  • ENGAGE in relational ministry by making beautiful new friendships that can continue beyond the dates of this trip and reveal the love and hope of Jesus.

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When: May 23 - June 4, 2023
Team Size: 6-15

Join ENVISION, Berlin as they seek to engage a post-Christian culture with the transforming power of Jesus! DISCOVER what God’s calling to long-term mission looks like, as you participate with ministry partners’ in their rhythms of devotion, community, and prayer - the foundation of any mission. SERVE alongside our partners in various projects to bless the refugee and/or the vulnerable of Berlin. ENGAGE the heart of Berlin culture through relational ministry with locals, artists, and creatives.

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When: July 15 - 25, 2023
Team Size: 6-15

In Santo Domingo, only 11–12 percent of the population have a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Join Envision DR as they identify and develop the next generation of leaders through three main strategies: the Greenhouse University student center, One Child development centers, and local church ministry. While you are there you will mainly be working with the Greenhouse, which is located next to the largest public university in the Dominican Republic, and as they seek to be a place of refuge for their 50,000+ students. You will engage in gospel conversations with Dominican college students, grow in your understanding of missions, and learn a little Spanish along the way.

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When: May 20 - July 13, 2023 (8 weeks)
Team Size: 6-15

From mid-May to mid-July, Salt students will be going to Kaohsiung, Taiwan where we will partner with a local church to take the gospel to university students. There are 150,000 students in the city, and only 3% of the population is evangelical Christian (with that number dwindling). Come help us bring the gospel to the next generation of Taiwan!

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Goer Pathway:

Do you sense Jesus doing something in your heart, convicting you for those who have never heard? Those who have never heard because no one is there to tell them? Those who have no one there to tell them because no one is going? We desire that everyone exploring God’s calling to GO long-term, would always have a next step from exploring God’s calling to being sent out well. To do this, we have a simple pathway of next steps:

Mission of God Class
The Mission of God… what are we actually talking about? What is God’s Mission? What is he actually doing? And what does that mean for me? The Mission of God class commits to lay a foundation to begin discovering the Mission of God and each one of our specific roles in it.
Coming Soon!

Discovery Group
​Throughout the course of one year, we desire to discover the Mission of God and each person’s role within it while developing specific, practical tools that Jesus can use as we start living on mission. This is for anyone who has any level of interest in missions to come and explore that potential calling and to encourage one another along the journey of missions! Discovery groups are not a replacement for City Groups, but only meet once a month.
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Goers Group
After walking through the Discovery Group, is God convicting you to GO and serve long-term? If so… Where? Who with? Why? … and How? Join a small, intentional group committed to confirming God’s calling, walking through the steps of obedience in preparation to GO, and be equipped for the various challenges and transitions involved in faithfully stepping into an entirely different world.