The care team consists of pastors, directors, residents/interns, and lay people. Our care team is available to provide short-term care (8-10 weeks) and seeks to help people understand their story, suffering, or struggle in light of their relationship with God and then help them live more fully in that understanding.

Who can participate

Anyone who attends Citylight can participate and will be encouraged to be in a community of believers to help support and encourage you. Citylight scatters into small groups throughout the week called City Groups. If you would like to investigate one of these communities, you can find a list of groups on the City Group page.

How to get started

This ministry is provided free of charge. If you are interested in receiving care for a particular season or situation in life, we can connect with you, share the road with you, or get you in touch with someone who will care for you well in this time.



Care within Citylight is limited to pastors, staff, and lay counselors. We recognize that at times the struggles and suffering people experience can benefit from people with additional training and expertise or from people who can offer more regular, weekly, and ongoing care. If you would like a referral, please contact Sam Reece or Brenda Newton.