Founder & Director of Global Friends

Omaha, NE

Hi Citylight! I am Julie Arant, the founder and Director of Global Friends Omaha, an outreach ministry to refugees and international students, located in Omaha, NE, connecting with over 120 international students each week. For several years I have been on a journey that has opened my eyes to beautiful people from the nations and has taken me as an ‘armchair traveler’ to the ends of the earth. It all began when my father and mother met a special international friend at a store in Omaha, Nebraska. The visiting international and my parents became fast friends as God seemed to knit their hearts together. From that time forward, our eyes began to open as more and more special friends from around the world began to make their way to the United States, and some to Omaha, Nebraska. We thought we could help welcome them. The truth is, meeting these friends has changed our lives forever for the better. I have had the opportunity to minister to internationals for over 32-yrs and have visited 18 different countries through the relationships that have been built.

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