TEAM, Youth Leader

Swords Baptist Church | Dublin, Ireland

One of my favorite aspects of the Christian life is the fellowship we enjoy with God and other believers. The family of God encourages us, equips us, and challenges us to grow more and more like Christ. This is my passion: to see this life-giving community spread around the world! The teenagers in Ireland are in desperate need of this fellowship. There are less than 2% Evangelical Christians in Ireland and, with that low percentage, many of the teens at Swords Baptist Church are the only Christians in their schools. My goal in going to Ireland is to further that community at SBC by encouraging the teens, equipping them to live out their faith, and introducing Jesus to those that don’t know Him and thereby adding to the community of believers in Dublin. There are about 50 students that attend the youth group at SBC; they are hungry to be with others who love Jesus so that they can go into their schools and into the rest of Ireland with the confidence to live out who God has made them to be: His community!

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