Hey Citylight Family, I want to introduce my friend and our newest intern, John McFarlin! Just over two years ago John and his wife Tanya moved to Omaha and knew they wanted to get connected to a local church. After asking around, they landed at Citylight and have served faithfully and blessed those around them. John and Tanya, helped pioneer our Middle school ministry as volunteers and also started a new city group for young married couples, which has grown and been a healthy group thats making disciples of Jesus. So after observing John’s character and ministry gifts in the context of our church, we are excited to announce that John in joining our team as our City Groups Intern.

John has a passion for discipleship and wants to help equip and serve City Group leaders. Also, John wants to help everyone in our church get connected to a City Group. Before, coming on staff at Citylight John and his wife spent a number of years on staff with the Navigators, and helped launch a new campus ministry at the University of Kentucky. I couldn’t be more excited to have John on our team. He is humble, hard working, has amazing facial hair and loves Jesus! Citylight, lets continue to thank Jesus for providing the laborers we need to continue to make disciples of Jesus and multiply churches!

Lastly if you want to contact John, you can email him at john@citylightomaha.org

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