Citylight Church exists to multiply disciples and churches. We do this in two primary rhythms: gathering on Sundays for corporate worship and Bible teaching and scattering into City Groups throughout the week to live on mission in community. These simple rhythms have served our church family well for eight years and have enabled us to multiply and deploy hundreds of disciples into multiplying 13 new churches! But as we rapidly send out some of our most equipped and seasoned disciples and disciple-makers to church plants, our elders have sensed the need to supplement these rhythms with some classroom teaching environments to ensure we are equipping new and growing disciples well.

This past spring, our elders decided to add a few core Sunday morning discipleship-equipping classes to the rhythms of our church to provide additional resources and education for our members and attenders. These classes are built around three fundamental aspects of Christian discipleship: Christian story, Christian belief, and Christian formation.

Each of these classes will meet once a week over a three-month period on Sunday mornings for lectures, reading discussion, and formation exercises. They’re designed to be taken in sequence and we want everyone who calls Citylight home to go through them.

Classes Overview

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Discipleship Equipping Classes are part of a church-wide discipleship initiative that focuses participants on the Bible. The class curriculum seeks to equip believers in three areas of discipleship—Christian story, Christian belief and Christian formation. During these classes, we’ll spend a significant amount of time in Scripture examining the God who came to establish His kingdom. We will also study the doctrines believers have held throughout the history of the church and we will consider together how our participation in the Christian story invites us into a life of worship and mission. By weaving together these three elements into a holistic approach to discipleship, men and women have opportunity to grow in their love for God, Scripture and His mission. Classes meet once a week over a three-month period and class sessions are comprised of lecture, discussion, and formation exercises.

(Biblical Theology)
September 12 – November 21, 2021

One of the most fundamental and important claims in Christian theology is that God has made Himself known in Scripture. We will spend time working through major themes of the Bible and how these themes point to the person and work of Christ. These themes will help give us a greater understanding of who God is and what He has done to reconcile the world to Himself. Additionally, we will compare how the Christian story is fundamentally different from any other story our culture tells and we will consider how disciples of Jesus are called to live within the Christian story.
Midtown Christian Story
West Christian Story

(Spiritual Formation)
A major component of this class considers how Christian Story and Christian Belief function to shape and form us into the kind of people who live in the world according to the way of Jesus Christ. Using these classes as a tool, we hope to form people into servants, worshipers, members, and disciple-makers who are fluent in the gospel.
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(Systematic Theology)
Understanding the redemptive story leads to doctrinal beliefs (what we hold as truth). As the curriculum moves through the Bible, significant time will be spent teaching and articulating the major doctrines of the Christian faith and we will see that doctrine, insofar as it is rooted in the Christian Story, is foundational for all disciples of Jesus Christ.
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