Being equipped and having the right tools is crucial in order to make and multiply disciples in City Groups.
Access the weekly City Group discussion guide and other resources below.

City Group Pathway

Following Jesus is a journey and you need to have a good map to not get lost along the way. The City Group Pathway is a map to help your group live out the Great Commission and be a missional community that multiplies disciples of Jesus.

The Goal

The Pathway is a one year plan to establish discipleship rhythms for a City Group to know, love, and worship Jesus in the context of spiritual formation, community, and mission.

Weekly Rhythms

The City Group will engage in regular Bible study, family meals, equipping, and practice. These rhythms will help groups know the Bible, learn essential discipleship tools, and put them into action.

Who is it for?

Designed for both new and existing City Groups, the three modules will help any group take steps toward becoming a missional community that multiplies disciples of Jesus.