What is Group Launch?

Group Launch is a 4-week event where you’ll come, meet new people that live near your neighborhood, learn about City Group rhythms, and launch a brand new City Group! Group Launch will be every Sunday 9:30 - 10:30 AM in the Omar East. During Group Launch a pastor or member of the Citylight staff will talk about how the Gospel shapes how we live in community and then you will have space to process and talk to others in a round table context. Here is the content that will be covered.

SEPT 10 | What is a City Group?
SEPT 17 | How do we Grow Spiritually in Community?
SEPT 24 | How do we Live as a Spiritual Family?
OCT 1 | How do we Mobilize for the Mission of God?

Is Group Launch for you?

If you are not in a City Group, Group Launch is for YOU.
If you want to help lead or start a new City Group, Group Launch is for YOU.
If you tried a City Group in the past but have not been connected in a while, Group Launch is for YOU!
After 4 weeks in class together your newly formed City Group will start meeting on its own.

The goal is not to just teach you about community, but to help you find and start living in community!