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Who are we?

Citylight exists to multiply disciples of Jesus and churches. In 2012, Citylight was planted by a small core team that wanted to see Jesus do a new work in Omaha. Over the past four years God has shown tremendous grace to our church family. Citylight has grown from a handful of people praying in a living room to a spiritual family of more than 1,700 people. Additionally, hundreds have met Jesus and been baptized. We are a gospel-centered church, meaning we allow the good news of Jesus Christ to shape every area of our ministry, message, and methods. We affirm the Gospel Coalition statement of faith, as well as the Christian & Missionary Alliance statement of faith.

Why Citylight High?

Students matter. We want to help create space for students to wrestle with their faith, ask questions, confess sin, find community, and grow in their love for Jesus. Additionally, we want Citylight High to be a missional focused community. We desire to not simply help existing Christians mature, but we want to intentionally pursue students who don’t yet know Jesus.

Who are we looking for?

The Citylight High Director must posses:

  1. Christ-like Character. We believe you will reproduce what you are. We want the Citylight High Director to posses a deep love for Jesus and a lifestyle that is in obedience to Jesus’s commands and Lordship.
  2. Calling. We are not looking for someone who simply wants a job working with students. We are looking for an individual who has a strong calling and desire to leverage their life for gospel proclamation and demonstration. We want some who is passionate about Jesus, students, and the local church.
  3. Competencies. We are looking for an individual who has the ability to communicate and preach in mid-sized and large group settings. We are looking for a leader who can identify and develop volunteers and small group leaders. We are looking for someone who can communicate both up and down in the organization. Additionally, we are looking for someone who naturally creates a fun, warm, safe culture for students to belong to.

Job Responsibilities

Be the vision keeper and pace setter for ministry among high school aged students.

Lead Interns and Staff.

  • Hold regular staff meetings with interns to pray, plan, celebrate God’s work, and give feedback.
  • Create a staff culture that is rooted in discipleship, and not simply execution of tasks or completion of events.
  • Provide opportunities to develop skills such as small group leadership, evangelism, one on one discipleship, vision casting, program planning, etc.
  • Identity future staff candidates, interview, hire, and help them raise financial support.

Lead Volunteers and Parents.

  • Recruit small group leaders and individuals who will help invest spiritually in students.
  • Empower and train small group leaders and parents to help support the ministry via hospitality, event support, transportation, and small group leadership.
  • Communicate weekly with your volunteer team and with parents to ensure people know what’s happening and why it matters.
  • Hold bi-weekly or monthly gatherings for leaders. Spend time praying, casting vision, celebrating, eating, and equipping.
  • Ensure all volunteers working with students have passed background checks and have the character needed to be in spiritual leadership positions.

Invest in Students

  • Regularly teach/preach gospel centered messages to students. Spend time prepping so that students can clearly understand scripture and grow in their love for Jesus.
  • Model time with students outside of “programmed events”. This may mean attending sporting events at public schools, connecting over coffee, or inviting students to play frisbee golf with you.
  • Plan ministry events that help create space for discipleship. This may include summer camps, mission trips, local student conferences, etc.
  • Communicate with students via social media and email, etc.

Lead Yourself

  • Cultivate your relationship with Jesus.
  • Pursue a mentor or someone who can disciple you.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Deep personal love for Jesus Christ
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 3+ years of campus ministry experience
  • Ability to teach the Word with theological integrity
  • Commitment to the local church as a training and sending agent for the mission of God
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Salary and Benefits: Please Check HR Policies handbook for the full list of benefits.

  • $43,000 – $58,000 based on experience and education
  • Health care (will cover full family)
  • Retirement funding
  • Seminary expenses
  • Paid time off/vacation days and sick days

Direct Report will be Family and Student Ministry Pastor, Phil Robinson